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USC Billboard Disappears


LOS ANGELES — A billboard showcasing USC quarterback Matt Barkley in UCLA territory has been taken down and nobody is taking responsibility for it.

Matt Barkley billboard in Westwood, CA

Courtesy of Bradley PhillipsThe Matt Barkley/USC billboard that went up, and was quickly taken down, near UCLA.

The billboard, located a couple blocks south of the UCLA campus at the intersection of Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook Drive in Westwood Village, had featured a picture of Barkley looking to the sky, taken the day he announced he was returning for his senior season last December.

The school’s 2012 slogan — “We play to finish” — was in all caps to the left of Barkley’s head, with a URL to purchase tickets placed below.

The billboard was stripped or painted over either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning and now shows nothing but a black background.

USC says it had nothing to do with it.

“USC was not involved in the decision to take any billboard down,” USC spokesperson Tim Tessalone told “We do not agree with the decision, nor were we involved in the decision to take it down.”

UCLA spokesperson Nick Ammazzalorso told’s Peter Yoon via text message that the school had no involvement, either, though UCLA fans had complained about the billboard on Internet message boards

I fucking hate USC. The only teams I hate worse are Mongoloid Mizzou and Faggot Florida. When they got those suspensions handed down back in 2009, i was like one of those old ladies who gets picked for the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right.

Having said that, i think that billboard was awesome.  Just a big ass monument showing how bad USC has dominated UCLA in the last few years. I bet every time a Bruins fan walked by that billboard, their mood immediately went to shit. Not even the sunny So Cal weather could cheer those sorry fuckers up. The Trojans just went up like 20 levels in my book.



Song of the Week

How I feel after I’ve had my morning cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee. This music video: Simply… Enchanting. Nice Transition Katy.

Top of the Mornin’ to Ya

In my local area, today is back to school day for the local little mongaloids! You know what that means!? Freedom, uncrowded surf lineups, uncrowded beaches, less lines at amusement parks, and less whiny little shits at restaurants during the day. It’s basically the mark of Fall, and I love Fall. Fall to me means Jeans, flannels, good dark pumpkin beers, and the smell of wooden stoves burnin’. I love it all. Today I just felt like playing and dancing to a little Irish Jig music because 1. I’m Irish and 2. It just felt right today. Enjoy one of my favorite Irish fight scenes w/ Robert Downing Junior in Sherlock Holmes fighting a big ass Jim Thome looking motherfucker. Isn’t this the life? What I’d give to be hammered and fighting dudes shirtless in a random bar in Ireland while listening to Jigs all day! #winning . Fuck you kids. Have fun in school all day and also have fun riding the bus. – brandon

haha wahhhhhhhhhhh

I Guess This is Art in Ukraine

A fairy-tale-inspired art exhibit gives men who consider themselves regular Prince Charmings a chance to kiss real-life sleeping beauties — that is, if they’re ready for a lifelong commitment.

Yes, there’s a catch for both the beauties and Charmings that participate in Taras Polataiko’s live art installation at the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The women — the main stars of Polataiko’s effort — are put on display as they “sleep” for three days. The men are then allowed to steal a kiss from one of the snoozers. But before the slumber and kisses, there’s an all-important contract.

“Everybody, any viewer, will have to sign the contract, which says, ‘If’ — this is very important, because nobody has to — ‘If I kiss the beauty and she opens her eyes while being kissed, I marry her,'” Polataiko recently told The Telegraph.

Likewise, according to a press release for the exhibit, the beauties sign a form that states, “If I open my eyes while being kissed, I agree to marry the kisser.”

While Polataiko originally feared that no viewer-suitors would participate, there’s been no shortage so far. And some brave would-be princes have even risked a wake-up with a smooch.

“I wanted to feel that girl,” one kisser told The Telegraph. “I wanted to feel her with my heart, but I didn’t feel anything.”

As for the woman he kissed, she’s confident the art effort doubles as an earnest search for love.

This is what close to a century of communism will do to a country. In God-fearing countries, this is called sexual assault, Ukraine however, this is a dude with a creepy mustache and a guy with a penis hair cut trying to land the hottest bitch in all of Ukraine. If she would have opened her eyes, one of these two poindexters would have landed something waaaaay above their game. Penis haircut guy is so bummed when she doesn’t open her eyes. I guarantee she will surface in some mail order bride catalogs in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!


Hawaii, the “Fuck You” State.

Usually when thinking about surfers, you think of hippies, acid, high school dropouts and peaceful vibes. Dead Fucking Wrong…Surf Fighting. It’s all the rage. I hope to shed some light on this extreme sport. Surfing and fighting go hand in hand for whatever reason. Maybe it’s just Hawaii with ex-surfers joining the MMA top ranks (BJ Penn, Makua Rothman,etc) or how MMA fight shorts look like they derived exactly from surfing board-shorts. Whatever it is, don’t fuck with Hawaii. Surfers in Hawaii most likely belong to that surf gang/cult of local Hawaiians called the Wolf-pack which has been popular in media/movies/tv-shows/etc. These bully beach boys literally beat the fuck out of people. That is their sole purpose in life. It’s like they sit there and wait for non-local, tourists to show up and make a small mistake. Then like a fucking Lion they pounce on their prey and destroy it. Hawaii hates everybody, but Hawaii. Probably should be called the “Fuck You” State. Aloha my ass. It’s like the damn Green Street Hooligans but with surfers, and hot chicks. LOCALS ONLY. – Brandon


Black Acre Brewing’s Ingenious Marketing Ploy

As I was using for roughly 6 hours last night I came upon this golden gem. At the Black Acre Brewing ( website it asks whether or not you are 21. Yes, everyone chooses 21 or Older  on things like this unless you are an over-achieving teachers pet who has and will be stuck in the friend zone for the rest of his virgin life. Anyways, click “Under 21.” It plays the above video. Absolutely fucking brilliant. I could literally sit here for hours watching this over and over trying to replicate the original dance moves. This is the type of music videos that should be out there! Instead we have to watch little miss Justin Beiber prance around the stage wearing her Supras that are 6 sizes too big, and sweatpants tucked into her god damn socks like some fucking banshee.- Brandon

Ball State Players Arrested for Having Erectile Disfunction

Ball State football players Jonathan Newsome and Toney Williams were both caught trying to shoplift male enhancement pills. Zaleski reports that Newsome was arrested on Monday on charge of marijuana possession and during that arrest, cops found that he had an outstanding warrant.

It’s easy for everyone to jump on the judgement train and say shame on these two, but first, walk a mile in there shoes. these two dipshits play for Ball State, which is like the sixth best team in the Mid- America Conference. If you haven’t heard of the MAC, it falls somewhere between       Division III Womens Basketball and paraplegic horse racing on the list of least relevant sporting events in America. There’s no excitement in these guys lives. They know once their four years in Muncie, Indiana are finished, the only thing they can look forward to are taking their sports management degrees to Bally Total Fitness and helping a bunch of flabby-armed old ladies do Zumba for the next forty years until they finally save up enough to retire.

Another thing, Ball State is o-5 in bowl games. They got their asses destroyed in the GMAC Bowl four years ago by Tulsa…. Fucking Tulsa! Maybe they thought this is just what the team needed. They played every season before without boners, maybe boners are the answer!


Read My Lips!

The feminist group Code Pink dressed up as a bunch of ham wallets to protest for women’s rights at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.







Swedish Nutjob Sentenced to 21 Years


Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people in a bomb attack and gun rampage just over a year ago, was judged to be sane Friday by a Norwegian court, as he was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Breivik was charged with voluntary homicide and committing acts of terror in the attacks in Oslo and on Utoya Island on July 22, 2011.

The issue of Breivik’s sanity, on which mental health experts have given conflicting opinions, was central to the court’s ruling.

Breivik, who boasts of being an ultranationalist who killed his victims to fight multiculturalism in Norway, wanted to be ruled sane so that his actions wouldn’t be dismissed as those of a lunatic.

Welp, this absolutely blows my mind. If you think the American criminal justice system is fucked up, just look across the pond to Sweden. This guy kills 77 people at a summer camp and gets 21 years in prison. I don’t think Saul fucking Goodman could have gotten him a better deal. This is a damn injustice to all the innocent people he murdered.


Louisiana Can’t Catch a Break

7 Years to the day of Hurricane Katrina… Hurricane Isaac is making landfall over Louisiana. This state can’t catch a god damn break. First Mitch from Swamp People dies, and now they lay this shit on the state. Mother Nature is the biggest bitch ever. We obviously know her time of the month now, never failing to impress her bitch tendencies. What a better way to commemorate those who lost their lives and lost their homes than to take a huge shit on them again, 7 years later. Anyway, bare with the video, it’s a little long but it’s pretty crazy. Plus that dumb bitch Matt Lauer is on it showing you how to make $22.5 million a year by never taking his eyes off a teleprompter.


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