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Warlocks of the Week

This week, my twat di jour is Zsuzsanna Ripli, a product of Romania I think. Maybe some other greaseball country. So glad those tits made it across the ocean to enjoy capitalism.

Zsuzsanna Ripli



Warlocks of the Week

This is Jayde Nicole, Playboy Playmate. A damn fine set of warlocks.




Sweet Brown Escapes a Fire




Shitfaced News Interview

Apparently this guys house just burnt down. Like any other white trash fella, rather than start filing insurance claims, or salvaging whats left of your parents house, he went down to the liquor store, bought a handle of their finest Mccormick’s, and got totally shitty. I’ve seen some drunk fuckers in my day, but this dude takes the cake.




Wing-Suit Flying. That Shit Cray

These European Bro’s are fucking insane. Skydiving? Maybe… Jump out and maybe fly 3 feet above the ground with the chance of a wind gust plummeting you to your death at like 300 mph. Fuck no. These dudes have totally lost their fucking minds. 

Probably Homeless Dancer Has Moves For DAYYS!

I said probably so people wouldn’t call me racist? But when do street performers ever have homes? Exactly.

Teacher Serves Students

The Irish Jig will get ’em every time! 

Mr. Newt Don’t Give A Shit!

That’s right, step aside Honey Badger. Guess how many fucks Newt gives? Gives zero fucks. See frog, Get eaten by frog, frog dies, walk out of his mouth like an amphibious Jason Statham. “Hey Discovery! Re-organize that food chain bitch!”- Newt. Boom.

P.S. If Newt Gingrich doesn’t use this in future campaigns, he’s an idiot. 

How to Be Daryl Dixon from ‘The Walking Dead’









Louisville Slugger ($29). M4 Carbine ($1799). Fiskars Splitting Axe ($39). Kimber 1911($1049). Handmade Explosive ($49). Tanaka 20″ Chainsaw ($650). Medival Flail/Mace($33). Maxpedition Falcon II Pack ($127). Tekton 18″ Wrecking Bar ($12). WWI Trench Knife ($24). Wushu Monks Spade ($95). Sulfuric Acid ($275). TenPoint Carbon Crossbow ($2070). Homemade Gunpowder ($15). Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike ($899).Gunstock War Club ($28). Truckers Friend Tool ($49). Zombie Survival Guide ($10). 8lb Unbreakable Sledge Hammer ($76). Saiga 12 Tactical Series ($1500). Japanese Katana Sword ($825).

That’s right, THE WALKING DEAD is back for a third season, and what better way to go out during the Zombie Apocalypse than looking like Crossbow slingin’ Zombie Huntin’ Daryl Dixon! Thats right you better Redneckonize. I love this show! I wish it would just happen already. Like real life shit, just take over the northeast so I can feel like Tom Sawyer & HuckFinn wandering abouts, not a worry in the world except for not being bitten by some walker. 

Drunk Guy Vomits on Himself

Possibly the grossest thing I’ve seen today.


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