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How to Be Daryl Dixon from ‘The Walking Dead’









Louisville Slugger ($29). M4 Carbine ($1799). Fiskars Splitting Axe ($39). Kimber 1911($1049). Handmade Explosive ($49). Tanaka 20″ Chainsaw ($650). Medival Flail/Mace($33). Maxpedition Falcon II Pack ($127). Tekton 18″ Wrecking Bar ($12). WWI Trench Knife ($24). Wushu Monks Spade ($95). Sulfuric Acid ($275). TenPoint Carbon Crossbow ($2070). Homemade Gunpowder ($15). Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike ($899).Gunstock War Club ($28). Truckers Friend Tool ($49). Zombie Survival Guide ($10). 8lb Unbreakable Sledge Hammer ($76). Saiga 12 Tactical Series ($1500). Japanese Katana Sword ($825).

That’s right, THE WALKING DEAD is back for a third season, and what better way to go out during the Zombie Apocalypse than looking like Crossbow slingin’ Zombie Huntin’ Daryl Dixon! Thats right you better Redneckonize. I love this show! I wish it would just happen already. Like real life shit, just take over the northeast so I can feel like Tom Sawyer & HuckFinn wandering abouts, not a worry in the world except for not being bitten by some walker. 


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